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Om Sree Vishnu Maye Nama:

In Kerala state Palakkad district valluvannad area there is small village named chorottur with a sacred place named Kaliyar Madom which having a strong wealthy background of inheritance which is handovered to new generation from the goodness of old one.Here the Almighty goddess is really powerfull who having the ability to the salvation and punishment , the blessings will give to all religion and cast without any separation to human being who will approach the almighty in kaliyarmadom with clear mind and prayers from the inside.

In koolikunnan forest there tribal king who having a beautiful daughter named mayakoolivakha. she given a birth for a baby boy Mayachathan who is the son of lord siva.

Thevarkidathaman a traveler who is Very beautiful with a magic stick at right hand and will travel at bird greater coucal with followers kariguttiyum, parakhuttiyum. He is goblin and will do anything for prayers of his devotees.

In shape of fear for enemies, in the shape of love and care for his devotees, without vanishing in fire, without effecting by water, stable in storm, by mantra, thantra and yantra very strong goodness who is in Kaliyar madom which is handovered from the ancestors to today's madathipathi in Kaliyar Madom.

This invisible power still in kaliyarmadom with madathipathi.

With lot prayers sai vision publishers describing about Kaliyarmadom sree vishnumaya swamy.

The real truth of omkara sree lord parameshwara's one of the aim of incarnation of guardianship to the universe sree vishnumaya swamy born. We need to pray from heart to sree vishnumaya swamy for escape from the black magic of these negative magical illusion world.

Kaliyarmadom is a ancient sacred and a source of powerful positive energy . Lord and ruling kaliyamadom sree vishnumaya swamy always a strong support for poor peoples, those who come infront of lord with worship and affection will get the fullfill your wishes and will get the blessings of sree vishnumaya swamy. Kaliyamadom is the only kuttychathan temple in the world sree vishnumaya with real vishwaroopa and real gaint emotion of lord staying with followers.

There is no religion and cast in kaliyarmadom everyone can come and worship in this sacred temple.

The Source of fortune Kaliyarmadom:

There are many chathansevamadom and sree vishnumaya temple in Kerala, kaliyaramadom is the only vishnumaya temple which is very different from other kuttychathan temple which is situated in palakkad district ottapalam thaluk chorottur village.Kaliyarmadom source of positive energy or moolasthanna which given a permanent solution, complete rectification from life disasters and problems for thousands of peoples without any separation in religion, cast and colour.

kaliyarmadom is the sacred historical ancient temple where worship for lord sree vishnumaya, other kuttychathan and its sub idols like invisible power always wondering inside this sacred historic ancient kuttychathan temple. Kaliyarmadom having a good and pure inheritance for pooja karma on chathan swamy with historic background with non ignorable experience for the ancestors and today's madathipathi in kaliyarmadom. Kaliyarmadom is very different from other kuttychathan seva temple sree vishnumaya swamy and followers are living in this temple with most powerful state also you can feel the experience of other invisible power of kuttychatan in this sacred place.

Thousands of years before pozhathilpadi ancestral home peoples are the workers or servants at cherukootu dhesham illayidathil mana. They and their ancestors worship to the chatan swamy and its sub idols.In that time the root ancestral home of cherukodu mana at chorottur dhesham pozhathil mana staying with lot of blessings and worships of goddess, senior thampuran of pozhathil mana taken kothacharyan as servant or worker in to the mana.kothacharyan takes his idols with him and he placed this idols in his property in chorottur village.

chorottur village was suffered with the black magic and wicked power like odiyavidhya(evil spirit) and oodiya shalyam. so villagers are lived in fear and disturbance.When kothacharyan started living in chorottur village odiya(evil spirit) vanished from that area and the black magicians who was doing pooja for this evil spirit was ran away from the area. By this chorrottur villagers and beside villagers respected kothacharya. In very small time period because of his power of upasana and Straight sree kothacharya become a dearest person for chorottur villagers and its beside villagers.

With true and pure minded procedure Sree kothacharyar had worship to sree vishnumaya swamy and other kuttychathan ( good smallspirits), karigutty, parakutty, chathankaru, karigalli, mukhanchanthan, rektharekshasu(wampire), gandharva, manapully bagavathy but for public he didn't build a temple for prayer.

After Sree kothacharyar his son sree karyacharyar and his family members continued this worship and pooja karma. After sree karyacharyar his next generation spread over to other placesand started living there, so this worship and pooja karma got end.

so without this pooja karma and worship towards this idols and this good spirits they started getting angry. These angry idols started wondering because of this result started bad symptoms in pozhathil family, chorottur village and its beside areas. Because of this bad symptoms pozhathilpadi family members consulted an astrological ritual carried out to interpret the will of the gods as result they come to know all this bad symptoms and problems only because this interruption in pooja karma and worship to this idols so this idols are very angry on the same. Astrological ritual carried out to interpret the will of the gods given a way for this problems.

From divided special place they need to do worship and pooja karma in procedural way without fail this was the solution out from astrological ritual carried out to interpret the will of the gods so this results a temple in chorottur village called kaliyamadom. Now in kaliyarmadom there is Sree vishnumaya chathanswamy, other sub chathans and its follower idols are situated in Kaliyarmadom and this is the brief evolution of kaliyarmadom.

In pozhathilpadi ancestral home Sree kothacharyar's son sree kariyacharyar's third son's son is the today's madadhipathi in kaliyarmadom sree krishnan, astrological ritual carried out to interpret the will of the gods result procedural wise pooja karma, manthra-thantra practiced and also thousands of years historical pozhathilpadi ancestral home's idols procedural wise pooja karma and worship to idols this sacred place kaliyarmadom become a famous and strengthen like today.

Kaliyarmadon is not a normal chathan temple there is many speciality in this sacred historical temple, this temple is open for every religion and caste without any separation it's a source of blessings and permanent solution for their problems. Not only this most noted point in this sacred place is if somebody wise to do pooja and worship towards sree vishnumaya kaliyarmadom will give proper advice and guideline for pooja karma, upsana, manthra process in proper manner and you can practice the same in kaliyarmadom , after worship and strong pooja karma the idols will give to devotees, so that devotees can do daily worship towards Sree vishnumaya swamy.

Many of them are worship to many idols. Many of them who realized the power of sree vishnumaya don't know or will not get the proper advice how to worship towards the lord sree vishnumaya, but in kaliyarmadom outside and inside kerala devotees of chathanswamy will get very rare bless that chathanswamy idols which is powered by the poojakarma and the pooja procedure will advised to devotees.

In kaliyarmadom not only lord sree vishnumaya but also many kuttychanthan(good spirits), karighutty, parakutty, chathankaru, karighali, mookhan chathan, rektharekshas(wampire),gandharva, manapulli bagavathi are there with the shower of blessings to devotees.

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday special brahma vellaattu pooja will happened, Sunday noon for kuttychathan karighuruthy , uruli kamuzhthal guruthy like inherited poojakarma specially will happen. Every month in Velutha vavu(full moonday ) and karutha vavu(no moon day ) nights madhu(liquor)-mamsa(non-vegetarian food) will give as nivedhya(royal food for lord) with shaktheya mahaveedhu pooja are the some of the traditional worship manner in kaliyarmadom.

Onam, Vishu, thiruvathira days special pooja will happen, amavasy(no moon day), paurnamy(full moon day) days shaktheya brahma vellatu karma , special karikuruthy pooja for kuttychathan will spread surprising effect to devotees. Every Sunday noon 12:30 pm there is dance festival of chanthan swamy will happened , this will be a permanent solution for all problem and will get peace in mind by hearing the magical proclamation of swamy, this blessed important occasion made many devotees a great and surprising experience. We will come to know the real source of our life problem and issues and will come to know how to rectify the same by attending this sacred dance vision.

Many magical experience felt for thousands of devotees who visited the kaliyarmadom. After Sree kothacharyar and sree kariyacharyar divided got some property for kaliyarmadom by this kaliyarmadom become today's shape after that by the power and magical strength of Sree vishnumaya and other idol follower kuttychathan came down to devotees to help and support them this is the real experience of thousands of devotees. More than the separation of religion and caste thousands of devotees experienced the magical surprises and experience of kaliyarmadom.

Thousands of Devotees who coming to kaliyarmadom will tell the real experience which happened in their life. This surprising and magical experience which happened in kaliyarmadom is endless which can't write in a human life this is the specialty of kaliyarmadom.

By the Sree vishnumaya swamy's great order in March month there is 2 days special magical festival will happened. With special pooja and with other special procedure in festival this two days become a noticeable days in history for even rural areas of chorottur village.

Entrance gate of kaliyarmadom is always open for society. In kaliyarmadom more than the blessings from Sree vishnumaya swamy and other kuttychathan idols but also the bondless love and caring of each other of human being without separation in caste, religion and colour for human race.