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In every twelve years lord siva will go for hunting in forest in that time he heard a beautiful song which is like gandarva song. koollivakha she is a devotee and always in worship to goddess parvathy was singing that song and she is very beautiful and she is a hunter lady as well. Lord siva attracted with koollivakha and he decided to one-night stand with her, lord siva told to her that he will come to her for one-night stand when he return from hunting and lord gone for hunting.

Goddess parvathy's devotee koollivakha understood that lord ordered to wait for him only because of fascination to her and having one-night stand with the husband of goddness parvathy is really bad as koollivakha is a devotee of goddess parvathy and koollivakha become very sad because of this. She started praying Goddess parvathy. Goddess appeared in front of koollivakha and understood the situation. Goddess parvathy very much loved koolivakh's genuine devotion and goddess started to tell last birth story of koollivakha.

In last birth koollivakha was a servant in kailasa named manaswini she was a yakshi(demigoddess). Once she done breastfeeding for child lord ganapathi. Goddess parvathy didn't liked that one servant doing breastfeeding for his son goddess got angry she cursed Manaswini that she will born in a chandala(low caste) family at earth after goddess got relaxed she feel sympathy towards Manaswini. Goddess blessed like manaswini will born as a daughter of good and important person in chandala caste before she loss her virginity if she will have the luck for breastfeeding for the son of lord siva she will get liberation from goddess curse.

This is a faith that lord attracted to koollivakha and this is the time to kill egoist and cruel Jalandharan so this incarnation for son of lord is for that goddess parvathy told to koollivakha. goddess parvathy continued that she will appear as a koollivakha infront of lord siva and she will do the welcoming of lord and goddess allow koollivakha to go. Koollivakha's all fear vanished she gone back with happy mind.

Goddess parvathy in the appearance of koollivakha waited in a silver swing at the jack tree branch. After hunting tired lord siva came back to the koollivakha's place as he decided.

Goddess parvathy in appearance of mayakoollivakha had a son, goddess assigned a child wild buffalo as a security for baby and goddess ordered to wild buffalo that he should be the vehicle of lord when he grow up. When goddess return to kailasa lord siva told to her that handover the child to koollivakha . So that goddess parvathy gone to koolli forest and handover the child to koollivakha and named him as sree vishnumaya.

Upto seven year he lived with koollivakha after that he gone to forest with his most loved vehicle wild buffalo and instrument izhara, he wondered throughout the forest so that he is a buddy for malayas(a type of tribes) . Sree vishnumaya helped malayas in their difficulties. He also concentrated to defend from the attack of wild animal and keep safe this kind of tribal's from wild animal attacks. When Vishnumaya completed his seven year all tribal's arranged big feast for birthday celebration. Vishnumaya also joined in the arrangement and cooking.

Most tasty and amrit like feast or food very one loved very much. In that time most wise and clever the great saint sree naradh came there and he was very hppy on Sree vishnumaya, naradh advised to vishnumaya to go to kailas and meet his mother and father goddess parvathy and lord siva to take blessings and advice from them. Sree Naradh also adviced to vishnumaya and koollivakha that his incarnation aim is to kill cruel jalandhar and the that time is came now. When he come to know his birth secrete he was confused as well as he proud by himself.

He understood that he need to fight most powerful jalandhar in his childhood itself for that he need blessings from goddess parvathy and lord siva. For that he come in front of koollivakha to get permission for travel to kailas, koollivakha hugged vishnumaya and she apologized that she hided the secret that lord siva and goddess parvathy is his father and mother.

After he get the permission from his step mother and his friends he started travelling to kailas. he understood by traveling on wild buffalo by reading ezhara nandhi( the vehicle, servant, guard of lord siva) and other security gaurds will not allow him inside kailas. So vishnumaya worshipped maha vishnu to get the appearance of maha vishnu which he was done previously as well. By the appearance of maha vishnu he entered into kailsa and meeted the lord siva and goddess parvathy. Lord siva surprised by meeting his son. Vishnumaya done namaskara infront of lord siva and godess parvathy . They hugged their son and let him sit on their lap of his parents.

Lord siva advised all secrets to vishnumaya for killing jalandhar and also goddess parvathy advised and given powerful and magical wooden stick with lot of blessings to kill bhreghan who got powerful blessings from lord brahma.

Jalandhar dont know that vishnumaya was born to kill him and jalandhar was spreading fear to all three world with power of blessings from lord indra(king of heaven). With the negative advice of naradha jalandhar decided to marry goddess parvathy and gone to kailsa for the same. Jalandhar challenged lord siva for fight , Lord siva just looked vishnumaya with meaning, vishnumaya with blessings from his parents started fighting against jalandhar.

After the killing jalandhar everyone happy with sree vishnumaya. Lord indra invited him to heaven but he decided to go to earth as many human are in difficulty he need to help and serve them.

. At that time Bregasur trying to marry koollivakha and sree vishnumaya come to know the same he started to fight against him. There was very big army for Bregan with the help of karighutty vishnumaya fight against Bregan. In between war Vishnumaya got wounded from that blood many kuttychathan born. Bregan with blessings of Brehma used ten dangerous weapon against vishnumaya but 10 kuttychatan committed suicide by swallowing these 10 weapon pending 390 kuttychathans killed whole army of bregan . At last by throwing wooden stick Sree vishnumaya killed Bhregan.

Incarnation time of Mahavishnu as Lord Rama vishnumaya's powered bow and arrow helped rama to kill ravana and his army. At Krishna incarnation time vishnumaya born as chakra, at kaliyuga vishnumaya staying as protector of earth.

In every yuga Vishnumaya had birth for protection, in this kaliyuga praying vishnumaya is the only way to survive from the bad effects of kaliyuga. Kaliyarmadom is the result of continues worship and pray towards this magical power Sree vishnumaya by sree kothacharyar and his son sree karyacharyar now this kaliyarmadom become a source of support and relief for all human beings who facing big serious problems in life. Sree vishnumaya is protector and destroyer. The one who pray worship towards Sree vishnumaya will be protect by the Lord Sree vishnumaya without any doubt he is very much intimated to his devotees and sympathy to all.